115 Launch Platforms & Directories to Launch Your SaaS

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Do you want to boost the Backlinks & Traffic of Your SaaS?

We’ve handpicked a list of 115 Launch platforms & tech directories for founders to launch a SaaS.

This list includes:

  1. Name of the Directory or Launch Platform
  2. Its monthly traffic & DA
  3. And link to submit your SaaS

Many of the platforms on this list have over 100,000 monthly visitors.

And they could all get to see your SaaS, if you just launch on them.

Launching on platforms is the quickest way to grow your MRR & acquire new users for your SaaS.

Download the list today and begin launching your SaaS.

Get Reddit Launch Kit 🚀

We’ve spent 10’s of hours analyzing all the top sub reddits, A/B tested numerous posts, And finally reverse-engineered the viral post ideas for each sub reddit!

So now you know exactly what to post & where to post on reddit to launch your saas

In this Reddit launch kit you get:

→ 26 Reddit communities to share your SaaS
→ 75 Reddit post ideas to get viral
→ Bonus 1: 16 Indie hacker viral post ideas
→ Bonus 2: 60 Indie hacker viral post examples

You can just copy them and use it to launch your SaaS, and save hours of research and self-doubts.

$19 for the first 50 copies. Increases to $29

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115 Launch Platforms & Directories to Launch Your SaaS

5 ratings
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